Rigid solutions for environmental applications

Flexible solutions for healthcare applications

Sensing-actuation system for voiding of the dysfunctional bladder
Triboelectric energy harvester (TENG) as a self-powered sensor for bladder
Triboelectric energy harvester (TENG) as an energy source

Research funding and award

Faculty Pump Priming Fund; University of Bristol (2021) (PI: Dr Faezeh Arab Hassani)   

JSPS Invitational Fellowship (Long Term); University of Tokyo (2019-2020) (PI: Dr Faezeh Arab Hassani)

Santander Research Mobility Award; University of Sheffield (2014) (PI: Dr Faezeh Arab Hassani)

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (Short Term); Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2012-2013) (PI: Dr Faezeh Arab Hassani