VLSI Design EENG 34050 (Undergraduate) EENG M4050 (Postgraduate)

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Digital Design, Group Project EENG 28010 (Undergraduate)

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Research Project EENG M8000 (MSc)

The list of finished projects is:

Kieran Holmes-Martin (2021), “Finite-element-method (FEM) analysis of forces applied by shape memory alloy (SMA)-based actuators onto soft organs for actuators’ design,” (Graduated with Distinction).

Jiahong Zhao (2021), “Characterisation of flexible pressure sensors for wireless communication with smartphones,” (Graduated with Distinction).

Ziyin Shao (2021), “Finite-element-method (FEM) analysis of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microplasma switches.”

Shiyi Xiang (2021), “Design and finite-element-model (FEM) analysis of switch-based polymer micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) cantilevers for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detection.”

Zhihua Jiang (2022), “Design and development of an Ag/PDMS-based strain sensor for hand movement monitoring,” (Graduated with Distinction).

Xin Zhang (2022), “Design and modelling of a wireless power transfer circuit for a shape memory alloy-based actuator for the bladder,” (Graduated with Distinction).

Minghui Cui (2022), “Design and development of fabric-based strain sensors for hand gesture monitoring,” (Graduated with Distinction).

Mehmet Ozcelik  (2022), “Finite-element-method (FEM) analysis of an organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) sensor for ion sensing.”

Jessica Randall  (2022), “Encapsulation and thermal characterisation of a shape memory alloy-based actuator for the bladder.”

Individual Research Project 4 EENG M8889 (MEng)

The list of finished projects is:

Frank Gaze (2022), “Design and development of a fabric-based strain sensor for respiratory rate monitoring,” (Graduated with First Class Honours).

Narain Nithiarasu (2022), “Finite-element-method (FEM) analysis of a triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG).”

Individual Research Project 3 EENG 30009 (BEng)

The list of finished projects is:

Kulsoom Asif (2022), “Continuous bladder volume monitoring using sensor interface and mobile application,” (Graduated with First Class Honours).

Samuel Omiye-Adeolu (2022), “A mobile controlled, wireless actuation system for assisting underactive bladders.”

Wenhao He (2022), “Design and development of a skin-mountable flexible strain sensor for wearable health monitoring.”

Harry Earle (2022), “Design and development of an elastomer-based triboelectric nanogenerator.”